How to create a volume snapshot (dashboard)

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            The reader will learn how to take a snapshot of a volume in the Arctic Cloud Dashboard


            • An account with Arctic Cloud

            The making of a snapshot:

            This guide assumes that you are logged in, and are familiar with the layout of the Cloud Dashboard -
            Navigate over to "Volumes" under "Compute" in the dashboard as shown here:

            There's a volume here, that I want to snapshot. Click on the arrow facing down to the right of the "Edit Volume" button. The following options will appear:

            Click on "Create Snapshot" and the following popup will appear. Fill in coherent info here as you see fit.

            It might be useful to put a timestamp in the description - so it is easier to find the snapshot at a later date.

            Click on "Create Volume Snapshot" You'll be redirected to the "Volume Snapshots" tab in the dashboard.

            There it is - you've successfully created a snapshot of your volume.

            Updated: 14 Jan 2019 04:47 PM
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